Learn More! Welcome to the Yvonne Murphy Group, a premier, multi-client business consulting and lobbying firm. Our principals, have over 30 years of combined experience in business and industry. In business, challenges offer vital opportunities. The proof of leadership is to move beyond risks, to share and direct a vision of the inherent possibilities, and conclusively produce results.

It is crucial to focus your vision from an idea to a business result. That’s where we come in. Our professional consultants help you develop strategic and technical solutions that are effective, timely and lead to outstanding results.” The sum of our unique partnership translates to a wealth of knowledge for our clients. We understand that our clients require positive solutions and therefore our goal is to move agendas and achieve maximum results in a timely efficient manner.

Our clients seek answers to complex questions such as:

How can we align our new technology with our organizational strategy?
How can we develop and implement an enterprise-wide application to achieve outcomes and surpass competition?
How can we optimize our application portfolio to best utilize our resources and meet our client’s needs?
We need to drive better performance – how can we raise the bar with our existing assets?

If you’re a leader charged with answering these types of questions, we can help.